Deanship of Students Affairs

Support center for Expatriate Students and Minority/Ethnic Groups

This section seeks to take care of international students who are from different nationalities through overcoming the difficulties of accommodation and living in front of them, making them feel safe and feel the warm of hospitality in their second country (Jordan), facilitating methods of communication and contact between those students & their parents, helping of provide places of accommodation for international students, and facilitating their stay as well as guide them and care of them in all academic, cultural, social, and sporting aspects. Also, this Section is working to consolidate the bonds of love and brotherhood between the Jordanian students and their fellows of international students by having relationships gather them for identifying the international students of the cultural and tourism highlights in Jordan by the visits and continuous trips as well as establishing the annual exhibition of communities at the University.


International Student Support

International Student Support Officer is dedicated to ensure the welfare needs of international students. Support Officer will be available all the time to listen any concerns of the students to solve the issue and make them feel comfortable. Basic services include Assisting to Find Accommodation, Personal safety advice's, Familiarizing Shopping Areas, Public transport, Cultural differences, Coping with loneliness and homesickness etc.

Support center for Minority/Ethnic Groups

Support center for Minority/Ethnic Groups, ensure to provide moral and social support for the students. Organize engaging programs to enrich different cultural identities and create awareness about the cultural diversity among the students.